Root Canals in Jamaica, NY

Root Canals in Jamaica, NY

A root canal is a procedure in which the dentist removes the nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth. Once the nerve is removed, the tooth is no longer alive, but it cannot cause pain, its structure could remain, and no infection will spread. At Queens Dental Design, we perform root canal therapy when the nerve tissue in a tooth has become infected or decayed. If the infection is not treated, it can lead to tooth loss.

Your dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic during the procedure. Then, they will open the top of the tooth to access the nerve tissue inside. Next, the dentist will remove the nerve tissue and clean the canals. After cleaning, the dentist will fill the canals with gutta-percha and seal the opening with a temporary filling. Finally, a crown will be placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

Symptoms That Might Indicate the Need for a Root Canal

  • Persistent and intense pain, especially when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth.
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures lingers after the temperature stimulus is removed.
  • Swelling and tenderness in the gums around the affected tooth.
  • The presence of a dental abscess, a pimple-like infectious bump on the gums near the tooth.
  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth, which might be an indication of internal damage.
  • A persistent bad taste or odor in the mouth, often accompanied by drainage of pus.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal Treatment 

  • Pain Relief and Comfort

Pain relief is a root canal treatment's most immediate and significant benefit. Severe toothaches caused by infections or damage to the inner pulp can be excruciating. The root canal procedure eliminates the source of this pain by removing the infected pulp tissue, providing fast and effective relief.

  • Infection Eradication

Root canals are specifically designed to address infections that have reached the innermost portion of a tooth. Removing the infected pulp and thoroughly cleaning the canal eliminates the infection, preventing it from spreading to other teeth or parts of the body.

  • Preservation of Natural Teeth

Saving your natural teeth is always a priority in dentistry. A root canal allows you to do just that. Instead of opting for extraction, which can lead to potential complications and the need for replacement options like dental implants, a root canal preserves your existing tooth structure. This preservation is crucial for maintaining proper chewing function, speech, and the alignment of neighboring teeth.

  • Restoration of Functionality

Following a successful root canal, the treated tooth can be restored with a crown or filling. This restoration not only strengthens the tooth but also restores its functionality. You can continue enjoying your favorite foods, speaking confidently, and carrying out everyday activities without hindrance.

Root canal treatment, often associated with fear and misconceptions, is a highly beneficial and necessary dental procedure. Visit Queens Dental Design at 80-15 164th St., 2nd Floor, Jamaica 11432, or call (718) 523-1525 to determine if you need a root canal or other dental treatment.


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